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Explaining 100 mbit port, 200 mbit port, and 1 GBS port

These figures represent the highest data transmission rate that a switch port can achieve. Fast Ethernet is typically referred to as 100Mbps, whereas Gigabit Ethernet is referred to as 1000Mbps. The number of layers that may pass across a single network link is related to its speed. The link speed is always 100Mbps Fast Ethernet if a Gigabit port from switching A is linked to a Fast Ethernet cable on switch B. This is advantageous since it enables you to mix connection speeds in a system without requiring any sophisticated configuration. Naturally, the quicker the lines in your networks, the better the performance, which is why we advocate using gigabit Ethernet wherever feasible, especially when connecting switches. Many Dante enabled devices have Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, thus using gigabit switches across your Dante network is a smart idea. 100Mbps Port To comprehend Speed on 100Mbp/s Port on Online Services, it is important to first understand dedicated servers. A physical serve

What Is Shared Hosting?

To all those trying to set up their new business, shared Hosting is the ideal option for you. To get the answers to all further questions about why and how scroll down the blog for clarity! There are a ton of options available when it’s time for you to decide the platform to host your website, and all these options are available at your disposals. But before deciding the platform go for the Hosting; you need to review the plans first to check out your suitability. Shared Hosting is amongst the most popular options available for those trying to build up their first sites, but what sense will it make for your business? Before deciding or finalizing the option, you need to review some related points to get clarity. In-Depth details of Shared Hosting: It can be termed as an economical way for businesses to have their robust online presence . Shared Hosting gives access to multiple websites to host on a single server, sharing their resources. Now, who will get how much resource? This is thu

What Is A Dedicated Server?

Learning about the basics of a dedicated server might be confusing at a first pace without having much knowledge about its working. But, once you scroll down to its working and all the other details, there will be no confusion left anymore. We all have heard of the computer servers before, but least we are aware of the differences between a dedicated server and a normal server. Although they perform almost the same functions, connecting the computers and transferring the information. But, to enable their work, they need a host, which created the difference between them. Learn the basics and advanced features of dedicated Hosting in the upcoming sections. Details about Dedicated Server: If you have scrolled down the servers to get your website listed, you might have come across various options, all of them better than the others, but with their hidden limitations. As the name itself says, a Dedicated Server is a server fully dedicated to your website and only its needs. In a shared ser

5 Simple ideas to start a cloud business

Cloud computing is gradually transforming the way businesses work. As we know that every new set up has many software and hardware requirements in this era of burgeoning technology and, of course, not every business can afford the cost of all this. So, cloud computing gives the entrepreneurs an opportunity to fulfill all these requirements by just paying for cloud computing services as per their usage. In fact, one does not even have to invest a significant amount in infrastructure or platforms because cloud computing is available with such flexible resources. Cloud computing provides services to all types of organizations from small startups to huge brands. This is the reason that in this changing world even a small startup can give a tough competition to a biggest company by just using cloud computing services because it can have the same access to top-notch technologies as big companies. There are many examples of cloud computing startups that have changed the world. San Francisco-