5 Simple ideas to start a cloud business

Cloud computing is gradually transforming the way businesses work. As we know that every new set up has many software and hardware requirements in this era of burgeoning technology and, of course, not every business can afford the cost of all this. So, cloud computing gives the entrepreneurs an opportunity to fulfill all these requirements by just paying for cloud computing services as per their usage. In fact, one does not even have to invest a significant amount in infrastructure or platforms because cloud computing is available with such flexible resources.

Cloud computing provides services to all types of organizations from small startups to huge brands. This is the reason that in this changing world even a small startup can give a tough competition to a biggest company by just using cloud computing services because it can have the same access to top-notch technologies as big companies.

There are many examples of cloud computing startups that have changed the world. San Francisco-based startup Stripe is one such example. It is a cloud based FinTech company that allows small businesses to accept online payments and it provides high level of security to its customers.

Types of Cloud Computing

First of all, it is very important to understand what all is covered by cloud computing. For this we need to see its types. Cloud computing is mainly of three types;

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Cloud computing helps the enterprises with their infrastructure which includes hardware, software, storage servers. This covers the security, backup and maintenance. Definitely if cloud provides all this, so imagine how much cost saving can happen using it.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Cloud also provides software like internet browser which integrates everything at one place for the customers, so it makes the work very easy and seamless.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Cloud also provides the companies with the platform where they can run or manage the applications. By using this platform, they don’t have to worry about the storage and infrastructure.

Some Cloud Business Ideas

There are many business ideas by using cloud and they are going to be very helpful especially for new businesses as cloud business does not need a big investment. Let’s see what these businesses can do: 

Cloud Recruitment Service

One very common type of business is cloud recruitment service. This makes the recruitment very easy and simple. You are also provided with software that can incorporate all what you need to use on daily basis at one place. This service helps you find top talents in even large volumes for the organizations that seek candidates on different positions. Definitely an outdated system does not provide you that feature and you find it difficult to store candidate’s data. Hence, cloud computing gives you the experience of smooth recruitment and hiring process. On the other hand, if we talk about on-premise software, they can be expensive.

Cloud Software Engineering Service

This is another kind of business which is becoming popular gradually. As there are various things for which companies need software and applications, cloud software engineering can best utilize the combination of cloud computing and software. The sectors like banking, insurance and medical these are some of the fields that require top-notch technology in order to work very efficiently. So, cloud software engineering service can help these sectors with the kind of innovation they want. Even a company that moves its platforms, infrastructure and applications to cloud, it experiences productivity and agility. Of course, every company wants to utilize more energy in generating more profits rather than just being entangled into the matters of seamless transition. So, this type of business is the real need of the time.

Cloud Based Telephone Service Provider

Cloud reduces the cost of hardware maintenance of a telephone service provider to a greater extent. You can simply purchase the phone services on the internet. This set up is going to be very economical. What you basically do in this is that you provide your cloud phone system service to your clients on subscription and it can work wonders. It reduces their overheads for sure because there is zero hardware requirement, no installation charges and almost no maintenance. So, which company would not like to move to cloud telephone service? This business can be a very good idea as there are many telecommunication companies and their customer satisfaction is their first priority.

Cloud Based Accounting Service

You can start a business to provide accounting service to different organizations. Maintaining financial reports is very significant for every company. So, these types of businesses can help the companies with their own computer program through which they can themselves generate the financial documents. This business choice can be the best for a certified accountant. If you provide cloud based accounting service to your clients, then this gives them freedom to access their accounting data from any part of this world. In addition, it is equally helpful in case of expansion of the business as there is no requirement to install any software related to this in the new branch. 

In cloud everything happens online or by a cloud application service provider, so there is not hassle in accessing the same types of features in a different branch which one already using. For instance, Google Docs can be accessed anywhere, you need not save your files in a pen drive and you can access these files via email account. This is how cloud service accounting service works. This is also a very good business idea because financial statements have to be created from time to time and all the small and large scale companies need them.

Cloud Hosted Call Center

Today’s consumers have become very busy in their lives and they want their queries to be resolved as per their availability. So, there is a need of the system through which you can be connected with your customers 24/7. Here comes the role of cloud hosted call center. This type of call center is hosted on an internet server through which all inbound and outbound communication happens. The best part of such call centers is that there is no upfront cost that a traditional system requires.


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