What Is Shared Hosting?

To all those trying to set up their new business, shared Hosting is the ideal option for you. To get the answers to all further questions about why and how scroll down the blog for clarity!

There are a ton of options available when it’s time for you to decide the platform to host your website, and all these options are available at your disposals. But before deciding the platform go for the Hosting; you need to review the plans first to check out your suitability.

Shared Hosting is amongst the most popular options available for those trying to build up their first sites, but what sense will it make for your business?

Before deciding or finalizing the option, you need to review some related points to get clarity.

In-Depth details of Shared Hosting:

It can be termed as an economical way for businesses to have their robust online presence. Shared Hosting gives access to multiple websites to host on a single server, sharing their resources. Now, who will get how much resource? This is thus divided by the server plan chosen by the users, as the resources are limited and can be divided in the only way based on the selected plans.

There are some common platforms for the shared Hosting suggested by most Webhosting providers. The option of the hosting servers depends on the coding language and the platform used for the development of the website.

Working of Shared Hosting’s:

Renting an apartment is the perfect example to get the working of shared Hosting. In the rented and shared apartment, you have your room with no external entrances or interferences. But, all the other resources like the living room, kitchen and washrooms are shared by all the mates. The cost bearded by his is also divided in your bills equally.

This is the exact case with shared Hosting. Multiple accounts can be hosted on a partitioned server, having individual space for each account. All the customer has access to manage their websites, databases and emails. But, the cost for the server’s resources is bearded by all the account users, making it an economic platform.

Difference Between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting:

Introduction: As the names themselves suggest, in dedicated Hosting, only a single operated account with the allocation of all the resources, and we have already discussed the shared Hosting in the above paragraphs.

Security: In shared Hosting, multiple accounts are operated, and there are increased chances of getting your IP address blacklisted due to multiple workings. The activity of one customer holds the eligibility to attack all the other accounts. Whereas in Dedicated Hosting, no such factor is raised. The risk of blacklisting is eliminated from this platform, and the risk of threats is also too low.

Performance: Limited and Shared resources can affect the performance and speed of the website in Shared Hosting, whereas you have the option to load large application in dedicated Hosting as you are the king of the platform.

What are the Advantages of Shared Hosting?

It is the cheapest hosting option available, with the standard prices of around $2.99-$9.99.

There are multiple levels of hosting available over the platforms. The package that you own can thus be upgraded with the time when needed. You can gain the experience for the same from the Shared Hosting.

Its Built-In C Panel makes it easy for the customers to manage their websites, making it an ideal platform for beginners.

All the cost of technical maintenance are included in your packs, eliminating any other additional costs.

Which Type of Websites Fit Best with Shared Hosting?

If you are still dreaming of launching your online platform but not ready to bear the high costs and is still doubtful about success, you must refer to the option of Shared Hosting. Why?

Firstly, it is very cost-effective, not at all heavy on your pockets at the initial days of your working, reaping out all the benefits. This will also have access to everything, be it the dynamic websites of the small blogs, all are operated in it. This will help boost your confidence to at least kick start your business idea without worrying about success.

This is the most ideal and feasible option to go for to all the small and medium-sized sites.


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